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sanmaeu Agricultural Cooperative Corporation
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sanmaeu Agricultural Cooperative Corporation


Sanmaeul Agricultural Cooperative Corporation

Each production process is carefully made. Each production process is carefully made. HACCP Certification/Establishing a sanitary management system to prevent hazards from being mixed into or contaminated by the food from the production of raw materials to the consumption of the food by the end consumer.

Established in 2014, it is a vertically integrated system that directly controls the entire process from raw material cultivation to production, distribution and sales, reducing distribution margins, reinvesting in R&D and quality improvement, and securing a solid loyal customer base through various promotions. With a solid financial structure with a debt ratio of 0 percent, the online market share of the balloon flower syrup is 35 to 40 percent, dominating1st place.

All employees of Sanmaeul Agricultural Cooperative Corporation

Natural treasure with heart


1) Three Philosophy

  • - With the heart that family will consume
  • - Meticulousness makes perfection
  • - Honesty is the quickest way

2) Three principles

  • - NO coloring
  • - NO preservative
  • - NO MSG

3) Competitiveness

  • - ZERO debt ratio, strong financial structure
  • - B2C direct transaction
  • - Balloon flower specialized company

Balloon flower youth

  • - Cultivation of balloon flower in alpine areas
  • - Launched various products made of balloon flower (specialty)
  • - Patent application (fermented on mushroom mycelium)
  • - We differentiate ourselves from other companies by wrapping cloth.



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